Victor Fung started dancing at a very young age where his passion and love for dancing was immediately sparked by his very first dancing lesson.  He began dancing with his 3 other siblings in young kids classes in Orange County, California where he was born and raised.  He grew up in Laguna Hills, California and later went on to receive a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry and Business Administration at the University of California, Los Angeles.  His university degree was directing him towards the medical and dental field, however, his love for dancing and desire to pursue his Ballroom Dancing career encouraged him to choose a path in the dancing industry.  Victor has been professional now for 15 years.  With his current partner, Anastasia Muravyeva, they have managed to reach the pinnacle of success in the Ballroom Dancing industry by becoming the 2017 British Open Professional Ballroom Champions as well as the 2016 International Professional Ballroom Champions and now they have recently become the 2018 United States Professional Ballroom Champions.  Victor feels extremely privileged and lucky to have been able to have such a fruitful and fulfilling life experience in the Ballroom dancing world.  He believes that the Ballroom Dancing industry has given him a great deal in shaping his history and character.  His hope and desire would be to help dancers throughout the world achieve their own success and realize their own dancing dreams.