Klemen was born in Ljubljana, Slovenian capital, where he finished the primary school, high school and studied economics. When he was 10 years old he started to dance in a local dance club called Fredidance, which happened to be one of the most successful dance clubs at that time, producing most of the worldwide successful Slovenian couples. With the initial period of trying different dance styles, Klemen showed most talent for latin-american style and he chose it as his main discipline. He represented Slovenia on a junior World Championship and he was a Slovenian youth champion. In 2008 he started to dance with his current partner Alexandra Averkieva, with whom they achieved highest results in youth and amateur category including…

The achievements:
-Current WDC AL Amateur World Champions 
-Current UK Open Champions
-Runners up at British Open 2018 and International Championships 2017
-European Champions WDCAL 
-Dutch Open Champions 2017
-All England Champions 2017
-Asian Open Champions 2017