Dmytro Pankov is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and judge in the World Dance Council.  As a former He is a former Ukrainian Champion and Finalist in various age groups and organizations in Latin he was a successful finalist and semifinalist of the famous Blackpool Dance Festival as well as other major International competitions.

Dmytro has recently been competing and performing in the Pro-Am category with his student and has a very succcessful Pro/Am career.  He originally graduated from the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.

In addition Dmytro is the founder and co-founder of various Professional, Kids, and Pro-Am dance studios in Ukraine all of which are achieving great success.  His students have successfully performed in all major Ukrainian Competitions throughout the years.  Dmytro is currently living in Hong Kong with his wife and professional dance partner Olesia Pankova along with their three daughters and works as a dance instructor.  He is an enthusiastic and hardworking individual who loves dancing and wants to help all dancers around the world by improving the dancing world and the dancing system.  He believes in the power of truth, dignity and professionalism and his motto is “Actions speaks better…”