Save The Dancers

We at the WDC CC understand the difficult situation that we are all facing with the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus that has seemingly disrupted our everyday lives and livelihoods.  Our hearts go out to all the victims of this terrible pandemic that is sweeping the globe.  

We want to inform you that we have been working hard to get you some financial support during this difficult time.  We have been working closely with the WDC, WDCAL, NDCA, as well the WDC Executive Presidential Assistant on the early set up of a GoFundMe Campaign which now has funds that can be distributed.  The funds from this campaign are for registered WDC Competitors and should go towards their personal use such food, medical, or other essential needs.  Funds are limited and the distribution of the funds are on a first come, first serve basis.  

A form will need to be filled out by each competitor to receive any help and it can be downloaded here.

In addition, a direct contact line has been set up for dancers to reach out to us who are in need of this financial assistance. All applications should be sent there.  That email address is SAVETHEDANCERS@YAHOO.COM.

Furthermore, we encourage everyone to continue their support for our campaign.  With your help, the donations we receive can further assist those dancers that have been greatly affected.  You can go to the link below to donate, encourage friends to donate, or simply share the link:

We would like to thank Ms. Anastasia Muravyeva, the WDC Executive Presidential Assistant, for initiating this campaign and for working with the WDC President Mr. Donnie Burns MBE on this project.  We would also like to thank the Board of Directors of the WDC, the WDC Amateur League, and the National Dance Council of America for their leadership and generous donations, as well as everybody who have thus far so graciously donated to this campaign.  We feel very blessed to know that there is so much generosity, love, and support for the dancers during these challenging times.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, and let’s continue to be kind to one another!

The Management Committee of the WDC Competitors Commission

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