WDC CC Surveys

Here at the WDC Competitors Commission we would like to hear from all of you!  We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on various subjects and issues that affect you and your dancing.  We would like to know how we can help you with your dancing needs and what can be done to help improve our dancing industry.  In order for us to best represent you and your dancing interests, we must first ask for your thoughts and opinions!

Therefore, we have created our WDC CC Surveys that will be made available through our website.  You can find our surveys at the following link here or at www.wdccompetitors.com/surveys.

We will have a number of surveys continuously so that we can learn about the issues and topics that matter most to you.  The surveys will include questions related to the topics and issues that affect you and that you bring to our attention.  We will pass your thoughts and opinions and the results of our WDC CC Surveys on to the WDC Board of Directors and the Competitive Dance Executive Board.

Remember, we have a say in the future of our dancing industry!  Your voices and opinions are crucial in the creation of a strong and vibrant dance community.  Therefore, we hope you will all participate and we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Dancing!

The Management Committee of the WDC Competitors Commission

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